Coil Comedy Bundle: The Boston Accent

Web monitization is an emergent technology that allows website visitors to stream ‘micropayments’ to a monetized publisher.

Widget is happy to be part of the Coil comedy bundle – a network of funny damn sites, all of which you can support by signing up to Coil and browsing your happy little heart out.

One friendly site we’ve been super happy to have met while working on this is the premier purveyor of ‘satire for the Massholes,’ that’s right, it’s The Boston Accent.

Sam (me!) has gotten to know their editor, Justin, and some of their writers and they’ve been super cool Sam wrote a piece about Bernie Sanders trying to help Americans get medical help under terrible, neoliberal, privatized conditions. And Justin and fellow Boston-area funny person Dave Vadala were on our subscriber-only Casual Friday podcast too, talking Cheers and COVID. Fun times.

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