Web Monetization: The YouTube Of Web Monetization

Web monitization is an emergent technology that allows website visitors to stream ‘micropayments’ to a monetized publisher.

What if your YouTube uploads paid you a small sum every few seconds that someone watched one of them? That’s the value proposition of Cinnamon. Coil subscribers watch your video and, as they do, you receive micropayments via web monetization.

We’re on there, so if you are too you should give us a follow: https://cinnamon.video/widget!


All of these are just as far as I can tell and shouldn’t be ‘the final word’ on the subject – maybe we just missed a setting.

  • Embeds don’t seem to work. So whereas you can just drop a YouTube link here in WordPress, the same can’t be said about a Cinnamon link.
  • There aren’t playlists, so you can’t organize your content that way.
  • There aren’t public/unlisted visibility features.
  • There isn’t a live-streaming option, though it seems to be on their roadmap.
  • I don’t believe there are analytics like view-counts.


  • Some unique (I believe) features: emotion analytics, and a share feature that kind of reminds one of clips on Twitch e.g.
  • And then, the big one: a reliable way to get paid as people watch. Making money here for a new creator is less of an uphill climb than it is on YouTube (where, I believe, you need a shit-ton of subscribers before you’re even eligible for payouts – from god-awful advertisements, no less; I mean, seriously, watching YouTube is a nightmare these days, not to mention the right-wing dreck they’re constantly shovelling at you).


But all of that said, they have ‘beta’ in their logo. (No, they’re not ‘soyboys’ – git yer head outta yer ass!) This is software that’s in development. And absolutely worth at least keeping an eye on and getting in early on if you see it’s promise and believe in their trajectory. Lord knows trying to make a buck on YouTube is not a fun proposition for a new creator.

If you make video content, check out Cinnamon and judge for yourself if this could be a new income stream.

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