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08: Party On, Work It!

In this week’s episode at the Work It holiday party: Karaoke • Party Etiquette • Work It Saloon • and more...
Work It
Work It
08: Party On, Work It!

In this week’s episode: it’s the Work It holiday party! Karaoke, party etiquette, workplace hook-ups – that there’s the tip of the iceberg! If we can keep those evil O’Driscoll podcasters at bay, that is…

  • We give a little bonus nod to our beautiful, attribution-free theme song in the karaoke scene. It’s called Bongo Madness, and it’s buy one Quincas Moreira. Thank you for the madness, Quincas!
  • Obviously, if you hear the Work It Saloon sketch, you can see Sam’s been playing too much RDR2. It’s almost inevitable that we’ll start begging for bits soon… Follow us on Twitch and keep yer eyes peeled, pardner.
  • If you liked the Red Carpet scene, you might like our “interviews” with Jamie Dimon or John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer from earlier episodes.
  • If you liked the etiquette video scene, there are some equally charming vintage educational videos in our First Jobs episode and our Women in the Workplace episode.

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