We’re called Widget now, it’s short for “Give widget your money.”

And you may ask yourself, "Well, what is this site called?"

You may be asking…

Hey, didn’t you have a different name before?

Yes! Well-spotted. This site was originally called Spooky. However, a friend of the site (and we’re so thankful to them!!) recently informed us that, while “spooky” is technically ‘unproblematic’ in and of itself, the associated noun was used as a racist slur, mostly around WW2.

With a few days to go before launch, we decided it was best to change the name and post this explanation. We count our lucky stars that we can make this change fairly painlessly now, before we start publishing the works of our amazing contributors.

We regret the blindspot that meant we didn’t second guess the name when starting out. We’ve learned an important lesson.

Please, if you notice any other areas where we fall short of being a fully inclusive site, let us know and we’ll make every effort to do better.

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